Alternative Hypnotherapy Practitioner

From the Desk of D.L. TOLBERT:

I help people make positive changes, achieve their goals, change limited beliefs, and negative patterns. I am an experienced Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. I utilize Psychotherapy Techniques and Strategies in all my sessions.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) is a versatile tool that gives predictable and fast results for dealing with various issues. Many issues that we are dealing with all have an underlying root cause of emotional trauma. I use Psycho-Therapeutic Strategies, integrated with the Hypnosis to assist and accelerate change for the client. “Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.”

Therefore, if you are ready for a change to make a commitment to become the best version of which you are, and what you can be, I can help.

Neuro-plasticity is the brain’s ability to form and re-organize synaptic connections; the brain has the propensity for adapting, changing, and creating new habits, and new Neural Pathways.

It is possible to remove or modify behavior, thought or addiction with these Nero-Therapeutic Strategies. EMI can also be coupled with Systemic Family Constellations and a range of other proven and compatible modalities’.

Family Constellations is systemic psychotherapy that is deep, experiential, and profound. The Constellation process is a powerful way to tap into what holds people back from reaching their potential in relationships, success, and wellness.

I help people achieve their goals harnessing their subconscious mind. When the minds’ subconscious functions engage therapeutically, then self-healing and self-calibrating processes can operate again. Often the natural stasis capabilities have become dormant or atrophied due to too much stress and anxiety, or just not knowing how to make proper use of it.

I offer professional clinical hypnotherapy for various issues.

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