About The Author

His Name of Birth is D.L. TOLBERT, and his Spiritual name is “THE SON OF LIGHT”, is a Book Author with 30+ years of Business Experience, a Spiritual, Diviner, Oracle, and a Master-Teacher of Ancient Hermetic, Sacred Secret Knowledge. His Bloodline is of Ancient, Hermetic Seers, which go back to over Three Thousand (3,000) years old. He is the Alpha High Council of the White Lotus Society, LLC and the Keeper of the Eternal Flames of Truth.

D.L. TOLBERT is a Certified Therapeutic Healer and an Alternative Healing Therapist with the National Certification Board of Therapeutics. He is also Certified as a Depression Counselor, through the International Board of Therapists Counseling, and graduate Certification as (MHF), a Mental Health Facilitator.

D.L. TOLBERT have extended knowledge and Certification as an Alternative Hypnotherapy Practitioner, he is a Certified Master Massage Therapist; and has Certification as an Alternative Sex Therapist of Human Sexuality, along with his extended Credentials


His Additional, Professional Certification Credentials include…
• Psycho-dynamic Therapist for women
• Master Chakra Energy Healer, and
• Has more than 30 years of experience as an Alternative Holistic Healing

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